25 February 2010

Ok, I know I'm not a "Page" yet, but...

Ok so I promised myself I wouldn't start this until AFTER we got married, but all of my cool friends with blogs made me really (really, REALLY) want to write in ours, soooo...I am, and I actually have something worthwhile to tell you, so this is how I justified starting early. Are you ready?

We got our first duty station after training at Ft. Benning....FT. BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINA! I have secretly always wanted to live in North Carolina; something about North Carolina just seems beautiful and serene to me. There are some added benefits to this move as well: A) According to Emily, I am 5 hours and 8 minutes away from Clemson! (Thanks, MapQuest). B) I am only 6 1/2 hours away from Katie at Johns Hopkins! C) I am closer to Shellaine and Nathan (Ft. Drum) than I am in Mississippi or Georgia. Oh, and you know, the always wonderful perk of being close to beautiful mountains, the ocean, and fun cities!

A little background: we report to Ft. Benning in July (thank you Army, for at least cooperating with my graduation date!), and we should be there until mid-spring of 2011; Brian has to complete IOBC (Infantry Officer Basic Course) as well as Ranger School here, and then we can move on :)

I think part of the reason I am rather excited about this is because originally we were stationed for Ft. Bliss, TX (right outside of El Paso!). I had actually found some great reasons for living there: A) I would become a Spanish-extraordinare, considering we would've been 20 miles from Juarez, Mexico. And plus, I love Mexican people. They are so nice. And I actually like their version of refried beans! B) I think it'd be neat to see the Western part of this country (Grand Canyon, anyone? Skiing? Plus lots of nearby national parks!) C) I could see my dad often, as White Sands Missile Range is pratically on post. That said, that doesn't give much credit to the landscape. He's always described White Sands as well...bland. With lots of jackrabbits, which would've been hilariously awesome. But not the scorpions and other desert creatures that I am afraid of and do not know how to exterminate... But hey, knowing the Army, we might end up there at some point! I do think Ft. Bragg might be more to my liking though...I just have to find something good wherever I am so I don't drive myself batty!

Ok, unless I find out other exciting news, I will refrain until after May 15. Well actually, after May 22, because let's be honest. I'm not going to be worried about blogging as I laze around on the beaches of Mexico.