19 April 2012

Why I love teenagers!

Just wanted to share some hilarious recent happenings at school which make me love working with teenagers (and sometimes little ones!). Working with kids is something I love, especially teenagers...I know that  sounds horrendous to some, but truthfully, I prefer the older kids to the younger ones! Don't get  me wrong-I love young kids, but if I'm going to have to spend all day with them....teenager is the way to go for me!

So, I am consumed by The Hunger Games. I read the first two books in less than 24 hours, quickly followed by the 3rd. Then I re-read the 1st one in about 3.5 hours on a flight home before I saw the movie to make sure I could adequately critique it ;) My students are also totally into the books, so many days during yearbook period while we make pages we simultaneously discuss the ins and outs of the books, including details such as which Cinna dress we wanted to wear the most. As well as tactics we would use to survive in the arena. Which leads me to my first hilarious school story...

Story #1: My students told me the other day that if I was in the arena, I'd kill people with a smile on my face. Apparently I smile too much... ;) This is totally morbid, but in light of the Hunger Games, it makes sense.

Story #2: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and my Christian Honor Society girls and I are in charge of planning and executing all the appreciation activities. We've been doing recess duty, had a big breakfast, and are having a luncheon tomorrow as well as a few surprises for the teachers. One of om very thoughtful CHS students wrote me a hilarious card (complete with HG quotes) and then handed me a small package which contained my very own MOCKINGJAY pin! She MADE it for me out of cardboard, aluminum foil and paint! Seriously--it is amazing! And such a thoughtful and meaningful gift! After I opened it we all discussed how we were going to be the characters of the books for Halloween. Seriously...we're obsessed.

Story #3: Today one of my high schoolers was talking about how she thought it was so wrong to eat horses (don't ask HOW they got on this topic...I have no idea). We were all confused. So she proceeded to explain she thought that it was terrible that people eat horseradish sauce. After a few quiet seconds, we all burst out laughing! Poor thing...she thought the sauce really came from an actual horse. Thankfully she's a confident gal and wasn't upset over her public confession of not knowing what was actually in horseradish.

Story #4: I also help out with some elementary kids, and one of my dearest friends at school and in El Paso teaches 1st grade, so I know all of her kiddos. Well, Katie and I were feeling frisky and hyper last week, so we played 4-square with our kids and then...her kids did our hair! It was hilarious! A kid brushed our hair with a twig, I had about 4 sparkly clips in my hair as well as several braids....so much fun!  I think we irked our other teachers, but it was such a fun way to love on our kids and let them love on us!

Hope you enjoyed a little school-related fun--we'll keep the stories coming! They give us great stories all the time ;)