26 May 2010

Marriage...11 days in

Well hello! I have to say, I have been looking forward to this day for some time now. "What day?" You might ask. The 11th day of marriage of course! Actually, the day I get to (officially) start the blog! But so far, the 11th day of marriage has been grrreat. So great that Brian even made dinner. This is due to the fact that I got called into work...which also means that I forgot I was supposed to work today, and my co-worker called me and asked where I was...guess the vacation has to end at some point! They weren't too harsh on me though...my boss, co-worker Megan, and I talked wedding/honeymoon for about 45 minutes-it was a good time.

Speaking of the wedding/honeymoon...IT ALL WAS SUCH A BLAST! If you had any part, big or small, in any of the wedding, thank you with all my heart! It was pretty much the most fun day of my life, mostly due to the fact that I was surrounded by everyone that I love! The ceremony was wonderful (big shout out to my amazing pastors/friends, Joey and Jon), none of the wedding party fainted, and we managed to throw a pretty amazing party afterwards, if I do say so myself. I have about 300 favorite moments from the day...probably should write those down! To name a few: seeing Brian, all of my bridesmaids, Stacey saving the day on my hair-do, communion in the morning, the "water-dancing" in the fountain, the boys serenading me to the Top Gun song, catching up with friends, Jai Ho... I should probably stop, because I keep thinking of more!

For the honeymoon, we went to the El Dorado Royale resort on the Riviera Maya (south of Cancun) in Mexico. It was phenomenal. All-inclusive, the bar opened at 9 AM, the breakfast was amazing, the beach was perfecta, as were the pools, and the staff were so incredibly friendly. We spent our days waking up early, going to eat a huge breakfast, working out (yes, but only twice!), swimming, applying lots of sunscreen to Brian, reading, and relaxing! And eating 4-course dinners. Yum. Brian usually ate 5-courses...I didn't because I usually didn't like one of the options...ha! Typical, I know. We also saw lots of iguanas!

We also got to go to Xel-Ha (Shell-ha), which is a huge cove that the ocean feeds into. We went snorkeling and I only got a little scared when a massive fish swam right at me. I promptly hid behind my lifesize GI Joe. He scared it away. Thanks, honey! We also jumped off some cliffs, walked the entire property, and helped a grandma and her 9 month old grandson cross a floating bridge. A floating bridge in Mexico means a bridge made out of hard plastic floats chained together, with guardrails only every 8-10 feet. Brian pushed the baby, I held onto grandma. May I offer some advice? Don't take a 9 month old to Mexico, ok? Or at least not to an outdoor water recreational area...or attempt to cross a looong floating bridge.

Once we got back, we headed to Tupelo for Foster and Laura's wedding! Brian was a groomsman, and we got to see some of our dear MSU friends and spend a lot of good quality time with them, which was amazing. We're all scattered now, so it was wonderful to catch up! Laura looked amazing and we're all jealous of her and Foster, as they're honeymooning in Italy. And in case you didn't know, that's where he proposed too...uber-romantic :)

Sunday we arrived back to Starkvegas, and ever since we've been cleaning up, setting up house, doing loads of laundry, grocery shopping, and getting back to work! I'm currently procrastinating from studying for my Comprehensive ("get out of grad school") exams, which are next Wednesday...it's hard to get into school-mode after all the festivities! I'm thinking some Bop's might help...Also talking to some dear friends tonight (Paul, my WB, and Gena Kennedy!) also helped me to add onto my procrastination... We also went to Columbus Air Force Base today and I am now officially a military wife with my own ID and health care! Watch out!

Well, I've gone on for long enough now...thanks for sticking with this-more to come later! This is fun!

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S. said...

Yay!!!! Blogs are fun! I'm so glad you'll be writing one :-) It's also sort of fun to look back and see what all you've gone through that you may have forgotten about (or at least forgotten how you felt about it).