17 July 2010

Social Butterfly-ing and Bellydancing

This has been such a full week! I spent Monday with the Home Depot delivery people...they brought our washer and dryer-hooray! I then proceeded to do about 8.5 hours of laundry. It only got put away yesterday...Laundry is about my least favorite chore.

The rest of the week I spent running around doing errands and being a little social butterfly. Wednesday I trekked over to Auburn to get registered for my last graduate course. MSU messed up my scheduling, so I'm taking my last Masters course at Auburn in the fall. What I was told was a 30 minute drive to Auburn took me over an hour. The "over an hour" part consisted of me being lost on Auburn's campus. It didn't help that Camp War Eagle (their orientation for freshmen) was going on...lots of hyped parents and lost drivers! After being told I was going to have to get a visitor's pass to park (which who knows where THAT office is), I decided to be illegal and park by the football stadium. My car was still there after about 45 minutes, so they didn't catch me :) Meanwhile I walked around campus, asking about 10 people where certain buildings were. I finally decided to ask an Orientation leader where something was (they're the ones with all the info anyways...) and as she turned around, I realized it was the one Orientation leader I actually KNEW-Lauren Ketron! We went to high school/ran cross country together! After a fun little reunion she sent me in the correct direction.

The other days this week my friend Dana and I spent going to various exercise classes at the gym as well as laying out at the pool in the afternoon. We did "Cardio Core" on Tuesday (which worked everything but core...strange, I know), and today (Saturday) I actually am not sore. It was probably the hardest workout I have done in a really long time. You know when the instructor tells you to get about 7 different exercise "tools", you're in trouble. But it was a great workout and I plan on returning to kill myself week after week. Dana and I then took about a 45 minute "tour" of post as we tried to find a swimming pool...Ok, there are probably 10 swimming pools on post, but the one closest to us was closed, so we set out in search of one in a really nice neighborhood....that took awhile! Mainly because we only knew the general DIRECTION of the subdivision...we eventually found it...

Thursday we spent a good amount of time at the gym, pool, and a friend's house. The boys were in the field Thursday night, so we decided to hang out (the wives, that is). We had planned on watching a movie, but we ended up talking instead! We're coming to learn quickly that the way you figure out things in the Army is that you have to talk to people. And more people. I have said more than once "It would be so much easier if they just had a handout for this!"...heralding back to my days at the Center for Teaching and Learning...Tina (boss, not roommate...), I should've learned to make those while I was there! :)

Friday morning me, Dana, and Dana's mother-in-law (who's in town) went to a Ranger demonstration/graduation...it was AWESOME! They did rappeling demos, explosives, combatives (yes, fighting), as well as a bunch of other stuff. They'll do it again for each Ranger graduation, so I'll get to see it when Brian finishes Ranger School (hopefully the end of January!). It kind of gave us a glimpse of what the boys will be up to in their jobs! We also saw "Restrepo" last night-it's a documentary film about a outpost in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. If you want a very realistic idea of what's going on over there...watch it. It's all actual footage from the time the documenters spent with the squads.

This next week I'm headed down to Florida to chaperone a youth trip with my old youth group from Starkville. I'm really excited about it!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to tell you about bellydancing! Yes, bellydancing is one of the "aerobics" classes they offer at Smith Gym...hilarious. But it was packed! I would've felt much cooler if I had one of those jingle-y, sequin-y sarongs they wear...because about 10 people there whipped them out before class started! The teacher was intense but adorable-at the end we learned a dance, which I loved! I got corrected on how to properly hold my hands...hilarious. I also realized that I do not like to watch myself bellydance in front of a mirror...I decided to hide behind the girl in front of me and just watch the instructor-she looked way better than I did! And yes, people actually whip off their shirts as well. But not this girl!

As far as Brian goes, he's really enjoying his training. They spend this week getting CLS certified (Combat Life Saver). Basically, combat first aid. This next week they get to spend a lot of time doing BRM (Basic Rifle Markmanship) which means shooting! Brian's pretty excited about it!

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