15 May 2011

Trip to Hueco Tanks

Last weekend, Brian and I as well as 2 other couples headed out to Hueco Tanks, and state park about 45 minutes away from our house.  Hueco Tanks is known throughout the climbing world as a great place to go rock climbing; we even had some friends who were trying to get stationed at Ft. Bliss because they love to climb so much! Needless to say, we did not do "true" rock climbing...but our "hike" was pretty much scrambling over rocks, finding footholes, and reminding myself to not look down! I'm really not that afraid of heights, but for some reason when I'm hanging on by my hands/fingertips, I suddenly become desperate for my life. Hueco Tanks is an ancient Native American grounds, so there are awesome pictographs on some of the rocks! It is called Hueco Tanks because there are large "bowls" that were created naturally in the rock that stored water after a rain shower.  According to the weather report, we have not had rain here in over 100 days, so those tanks didn't have much to show during our trip out there :) Here are some pictures for your enjoyment...we had so much fun!

The view from on top of one of the rocks!

The girls: Dana, me, and Nancy!

This is Stuart, Dana's husband, JUMPING over a large crevice...He was like a mountain goat over all of these rocks! Me, not so much. I'm much more cautious. And slow...

 I love this picture!

One of the many pictographs we found! These are so old and still in great condition! Throughout the entire hike, we were on the hunt to find these paintings. We kept asking ourselves, "If I were an Indian, I'd paint my picture....there!" It was fun :)

More of the pictures from the trip are on Facebook, but these pretty well summarize our trip! In other news, TODAY is our one year anniversary! I can't believe it...it has been a whirlwind of a year! It's been fun to remininsce today, thinking things like "A year ago at this time, I was getting into my dress....seeing you for the first time...walking out of the church, married!" It's been fun :) My next post will be about our anniversary trip to Santa Fe this past weekend!  One plus of living in the desert: we get to travel to cool places!

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