29 October 2011

Fall has come to El Paso!

We have finally reached fall-like temperatures...the 60s-70s! And this morning the thermometer tipped into the 40s...practically the Ice Age, considering until Wednesday it was 85-95 degrees! I am so thankful for this beautiful weather...it feels so nice outside!

In other news, life is good here in EP! The past few weekends, I have been working with other wives from our battalion to create props, signs, tombstones, and the like for a haunted house. Our battalion sponsors a local elementary school, and since the guys are gone, we're taking up where they left off. Thankfully, we have several soldiers still here so they were able to help out! Last night was the haunted house, and it looked awesome! (And was probably too scary for lower elementary students, but whatever...) You know the Army is in collaboration with something when the outside section of the haunted house is covered with camo netting and lit up with chem-lights...ha! We thought we were going to be selling tickets, but instead they needed more actors in the haunted house so we got painted up and scared little children for 3 hours straight. Dana pretended to eat a (plastic) rat as well as follow kids around with it, Michelle scared kids to death with her scary eyes and mutilated cow head, I jumped out from behind hay bales, and Sue was the school marm, shooing kids into the "school". The haunted house theme was a haunted ghost town, so we were western all the way. Here are some pictures...we look RIDICULOUS.
To make it even better, the inside part was the scariest of all; very dark, very creepy. We probably lost 40 people after they got done with the outside portion to tears...there was an "emergency exit" near us, and we watched countless kids leave!

Props we made:

 Dana and I  built/spray painted this, came up with this "caption" and painted the whole thing!

 Michelle and Sue!

Aren't we creepy?

The end of the night-we were pooped!

The Halloween fun will continue tonight--we're carving pumpkins!  I'm going to try and make mine a little more advanced than my normal...we'll see what happens!

I've gotten to talk to Brian on the phone once since he's left, but I get emails every few days. He seems to be doing well and is so happy to hear from us! School is going well too; we're in full "holiday swing" and my Christian Honor Society students have lots to do...Thanksgiving food drive, Angel tree adoptions/party and some other ideas they've dreamt up...I have some awesome students!

I'm sure there's more to report, but pumpkin-carving is calling my name! Have a spook-tacular weekend!

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