26 March 2012

Spring Break!

Sorry, please don't be jealous...

I have to say, Spring Break as a teacher is way more awesome than it was as a student. Well, I didn't take any great trips like I did in college, but the relief of Spring Break was felt tenfold versus when I was a student! (Well, maybe excluding graduate school...)

Interestingly enough, my Spring Break consisted of lots of working, but I was actually excited about it....whhhhat? Yes, I basically spent my week doing things I can't get done in a normal week: doctors appointments, tax prep, planting flowers, scrubbing various things, and doing lots of car maintenance with my Dad. He came in town for the last few days of my week off due to business out here and he helped me do loads of work on both of the cars as well as the garage and other odds and ends around the house that require male assistance...so thankful for a handy Dad! Now I have a few new tricks up my sleeve to show off to Brian when he gets home :)

Speaking of Brian, he is doing well! He switched jobs so he's not in as much imminent danger as he was before; praise the Lord! His new job is still stressful and he's liable for all sorts of expensive things, but I breathe a little easier knowing he's somewhat safer... :) This weekend marked 6 months of deployment down--wahoo! The time is moving at a pretty good clip, mostly thanks to how busy school keeps me. Buuutttt I'm still super ready for him to come home! This deployment has taught us a lot about communication, priorities, and how to go on with life while still keeping the other one involved. It's provided several challenges and some frustrations (like craptastic Middle Eastern internet that goes out for 10 days so you're not really sure how your husband is doing/where he is...), but all in all, I can't really complain! I have awesome neighbors who always wheel my trashcan in for me because I've already left for work (seriously--this is one of my least favorite things and they do it without even knowing how much I hate it!), incredible friends to weather the weekends with, and an awesome church that is so supportive! The Lord has definitely blessed us during this time!

El Paso has already started to heat up...we hit the 90s this weekend and it's nowhere but up from here! Soooo if you need some heat without humidity, the desert welcomes you with open arms :)

We have a few fun things planned to get us through this final push--this weekend I get to come home and I'm so excited! One of my dearest friends from growing up is getting married, most of my best friends will be home, AND we're going to see "The Hunger Games"--I'm so stoked about all three! Seriously, don't judge the book since it's about teenagers killing each other...it's so much more than that-read the books first! And be prepared to not move once you sit down. That's another thing I did over Spring Break...read the first 2 Hunger Games in less than 24 hours...nerd alert.

School is going well--we only have something like 7 or 8 Mondays left-hooray! I love my job but this girl is ready for a breather...it's been non-stop since January and there's no sign of slowing down...Someone remind me again how I got volunteered for Yearbook? ha! I enjoy it, it just consumes me and my free time.

Well enough rambling; I'm off to create fake pesos and euros to use to teach the kids to barter and go shopping in Spanish...que divertido!

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