17 February 2011


Here are some pictures of the house! Enjoy the "tour"!

Front door

 View from front door!

Entry way...ignore those boxes...they're for a paintball exercise Brian is in charge of planning!


Looking into the dining/living room

 Clay made the "P" for us...I love it!

Guest bedroom! There's a bathroom to the right.

 Camo litters our house.

Master bedroom

Cramped bathroom!

Guest bathroom downstairs...this place has 2.5 baths--love it!


Jill said...

Rebecca it looks like y'all are all settled in your cozy place! We drive through El Paso on our way to and from Arizona and it's definitely the DESERT. haha I hope y'all are having so much fun. {I love how you said "litter" when you were talking about his camo... I feel the SAME way about Aaron's stupid huntin' camo!}

The Greene Scene said...

oh wow! LOVE it! it looks super cozy, and i love seeing bits and pieces from our college dorm and apartment grown-upified in your home =)

Elizabeth said...

Love it Becca!