04 February 2011


Okay, I know--I've blogged WAY  too much this week :) But, I am in the midst of selecting photos for a wedding album, and I just had to share a few. It is impossible to narrow down all these pictures! And the ones from the fountain aren't even in this stash! Just wanted to share a few and say a big thank you to everyone who made our wedding day SO. MUCH. FUN! I seriously would do it all over again. I keep trying to talk Brian into renewing our vows... Every time I look through the pictures I want to laugh/cry/dance--it was that much fun. We're coming up on 9 months of marriage, which just seems crazy. This year has absolutely flown by! So, for your viewing enjoyment: May 15, 2010.

The end of the night...ca-razy!

Patrick Franks breaking it down!

The boys

So many didn't get to experience this, but most of the groomsmen/Brian's friends decided to serenade me with "You've lost that love and feeling"...it was amazing.

MSU Buddies!
My trusty bridesmaids starting the dance floor!

My handsome groom!

Family + girlfriends/fiancees!

My girls =)


Goofy boys...

I desperately miss all of you.

How handsome is he... :)

Well, there are just a few from the 700+ pictures, plus all of the additional pictures taken by friends! I have so many favorite memories of the night...A) getting married...duh, B) being surrounded by all of our friends!, C) Paul serving as our personal attendant, D) floating all of the kegs...thanks to mom/the uncles/cousins, this was easily remedied...E) Dancing in the "fountain"!, F) Watching everyone let loose and dance the night away :) G) the fight song as we left...and so, so, so many more! I should probably write them all down so I can remember for years to come! Dear friends I miss all of you so much! Let's have a reunion...

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