10 July 2011

Pictures from Phoenix!

Thought I'd share some photos from our weekend in Phoenix over the 4th of July!

Our first view of Arizona!

Picture after we got done rafting the Salt River...wish I could've taken my camera along because there was some gorgeous scenery!

 Dinner & Transformers 3!

Flagstaff, AZ. GORGEOUS city!

First view of the Grand Canyon! It was a hazy morning, that's why the picture looks a little blurry.

Foster, our resident daredevil...

Moose/elk! Not sure which one...

Crouching behind the wall, trying to keep the rain off of us! It was blowing sideways...

Historic lookout tower!

The Colorado River

Rainstorm in the desert on the drive home!

"Our" mountains! We live on the other side of that "dip" to the right.


The Greene Scene said...

YAY!! I was wondering where all the pictures were in that last post?! So fun to put faces and places with the stories!

Jill said...

I'm so glad you got to "tour" Arizona! Isn't Flagstaff beautiful? and green!? It's a breath of fresh air from all the desert. It looks like you're having a blast and I'm so glad (even if you're the only girl- and I can totally relate! :)

JP said...

Those are some beautiful pictures for sure! I really enjoyed them!