19 July 2011

Running for Margaritas

Hola blog world! I know I probably don't need to say hello every time I begin writing, but I feel like my readers (hi, mom!) deserve a salutation.

This past week has been a whirlwind of getting ready for my JOB! Which I'm still so estactic to have! Since I'm working at a private school, I don't have some of the things usually provided in public schools...like, textbooks. Actually, the other classes have textbooks, just not Spanish...so, let's just say I panicked a little, found some serious bargains on teacher books on Amazon, and I have recovered :) Thankfully, I was overly ambitious in college and did a TON of legwork that I am now so incredibly grateful for. The perfect time in my life for my "need to overachieve" is coming to my rescue! I did a pretty in-depth linguistic individual study during grad school that basically helped me to get all my grammar notes researched, organized, and ready to present...praise the Lord!

Thanks to the encouragement of a few other blogs, I couponed for the very first time! Can I get an "amen" on how awesome Walgreens is?! They list all their coupons, mailers, as well as the manufacturer's coupons on their website! Which is great for someone like me, who runs out of patience hunting down all those coupons...well, it totally paid off; we paid only half of the bill on school supplies for my classroom! I'm totally inspired. This is very good for me, because I will spend a fortune on organizational things as well as all things related to school...I love school supplies. Especially post-it notes.

Now onto the title for this post! Dana, my incredible friend who is also stationed here with her husband, and I are running a marathon this fall. (As I type this, fear is mounting in my soul...) Yes, I'm slightly terrified, but at the time we started this, I thought, "this is the perfect time to train! I don't have a job!" ha. ha. ha....Oh well-we'll make it work in the form of early Saturday morning long runs! Having the accountability to get out of bed is a must for me, and Dana and I end up talking the whole time, so the time flies by! (well, usually flies by...) This past Saturday we had to do a 9 mile run, but we decided to split it up; we ran 6 in the morning, and that evening, we ran a 5K! The 5K was called "Run for a Margarita"...fitting, right? Well, we posted a pretty good run time and then celebrated with a free margarita and free dinner!  I have not run a 5K since high school...you want to know why? Personal pride issues. You see, I knew I would never be able to run as fast as I did back in high school, and I was honestly scared that I would be so ashamed of my time that I haven't run one since I graduated! Lame, right? Well, the time didn't depress me too much because I was excited about my marg. It was perfectly refreshing! But we decided that wasn't enough (it was super hot) so we went and got Sonic afterwards too...we had earned it, no?

Here are some pictures from the race!

drinking our margaritas! I didn't think I'd like alcohol after a race, but this was pretty good :)

Well that is all for now! The next four weeks in the Page life are crazy...Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Florida again! Excited about being in the South for awhile! Maybe it'll rain! Fun fact: up until last week, our annual rainfall for this year was 0.31 inches. That's right: not even an inch. It did rain the other night, so we might've pushed up over an inch :)


Kaitlin Godfrey said...

sounds like a fun race to me!! woo hoo margarita!

Erica DeSpain said...

Congrats on your teaching job! I loved teaching at a private school. :)

JG said...

Go you! I needed this to inspire me for my run tomorrow. :)

Jill said...

Oh I am the SAME way about 5k's... and thanks to no speedwork, I can't even make it CLOSE to the time I used to run it in! ha! So I'm with you on that... Also, I'm so glad you're training for a marathon. It will be a blast! {except for the last 6.2} :) Have fun!!