22 August 2010

Picture Post!

Hello again! Sorry I am terrible about forgetting to put up pictures! Here are some from recent outings!

This is my sweet friend Hannah; she is the one I'm going to teach the ESL classes with! She speaks Spanish too as we are super excited about teaching this class together! This picture is from our scavenger hunt from our BBQ last weekend. The boys (our husbands) weren't too excited about it, but we had fun :)

Like I mentioned in the last post, we went to see the Airborne students jump! If you ever come to visit on a Monday-Wednesday (and sometimes Thursday) we'll go see them! Although when you come, I'm going to be prepared and bring snacks...we had to wait quite awhile to see them jump because of weather conditions.

Can you imagine what it feels like getting sucked out of a plane? Me neither. And that's why Dana and I have decided that at some point in our lives, we are going skydiving! Because this looked like a ton of fun!

After they land, they have to stuff their chute into their pack and then walk back to the main grouping area, near where we were watching.

Ok, total change: I knitted this entire baby hat! Ok, I know the brim is huge...it's for a child with a large forehead, ok? haha! At our weekly lunch/craft meeting, we knitted! My friend Michelle has about 10 million craft skills up her sleeve, and she has a very easy method of knitting. You do it on a circle or straight "loom" (it's plastic--don't think I'm getting too fancy!), but it is so incredibly easy! My grandmother tried to teach me, Emily, and Lindsay to knit last Christmas, and I was a complete failure. I can't wait to whip out something and show it to her! The best perk: the looms are $5 at WalMart!

And finally, to conclude. This is what our house about to become: FANTASY FOOTBALL CENTRAL. I've also been informed that while Brian is in Ranger school (all of November, most of December, and most of January), I am in charge of making sure the household keeps it's Fantasy Football reputation. I am slightly intimidated by this task, and I have a lot to learn before then...

Thankfully, I have Sports Illustrated to help me, and I believe Brian is bringing home an ESPN magazine. But even with their help, I still think I'm going to need flashcards. "Donovan McNabb!" "Eagles transfer to the...somebody's whose red and gold! No idea what position he plays! I think QB!" See? I totally can do this... (sense the sarcasm...)
Can you tell the Page household is ready for FOOTBALL SEASON to be here?! Brian for all of it, me for college football!

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AC English said...

So, why are you making baby hats??? Do you have something to share? I love how you nonchalantly (sp??) mention that you made a baby hat and then just moved on to fantasy football like it was totally normal! haha

Oh! P.S. Are yall coming to Starkville next Friday or Saturday? If it is Friday I want you to stay with us because my parents aren't coming until Saturday! K bye.