16 June 2011

"7 Women & 2 Infants" Moving Company!

 So today I was reminded about another reason I love this Army life! Since we've moved here, we've helped two friends move on-post, which is super exciting since the on-post housing is awesome. And we've got a few more on this list to help move in the near future!

Today it was Jessica's turn! We arrived bright and early and helped her pack up numerous rooms in her house, load up the cars, and head across town...all without the boys' help. And two infants in tow :) With a super poopy diaper explosion. Yep, motherhood can probably wait for me :)

It's just hilarious and so fun to me when all of "the girls" take care of business while the guys are working hard for us and the country!

And to boot, we were all matching. We totally looked like a legit moving crew! So, should you need moving help and/or advice, we've got lists for you! And then we successfully caravaned 6 cars about 10 miles...simply amazing :) Go girls go!

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Jill said...

Oh my gosh I can TOTALLY relate!! Way to go girls!