06 June 2011

Happy Birthday to Brian!

Today is Brian's 25th birthday! Since he's not here to celebrate I thought I'd honor him with a lovely blog post. He'll probably never see it though, considering he doesn't really read this...but that's ok :) Now you all know!

He headed out for NTC on  Friday, and according to him, today things are going to pick up as they get ready to go to "the box" this weekend. They'll spend this week prepping their gear, going over missions, and more, and then they'll spend the next two weeks "in the box"...which means, they'll be spending the time in a replica Afghani town, complete with townspeople, foreigners, and the like. They'll get to experience what daily life will be like in an Afghani village; eat their food, talk with their leaders, and do combat missions. I can't wait to hear about it when he gets back! Thankfully Brian will eat just about anything, and he's found that he kind of likes Afghani food and he really loves their chai tea...I think he's addicted to it, he likes it that much! :)

We celebrated his birthday last week, going out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, having sherbert instead of cake, and opening presents!  

So, happy 25th birthday to Brian!...you're officially old ;)

Birthday boy!
I made him take this picture...it was his first day of IBOLC back at Ft. Benning :)
 He was thrilled, let me tell ya ;)

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to your June!


The Greene Scene said...

i LOVE how you can see the difference in his smile between the top pic w you and the one you MADE him take!! haha he's a good sport! and, by the way, how do you get to be one of the pretend people in "the box"? you should totally try to get that job! work on your accent!

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

how sweet!!

JG said...

Happy Birthday Brian!

And you shut your mouth. 25 isn't old. :)