30 June 2011

June Overview...

So first I must apologize for the long absence...life has been pretty good the past few weeks, but not much of anything "blog-worthy" has happened other than the everyday life things. I figured you probably don't want to hear that I've eaten spaghetti and mac'n'cheese for almost every meal while Brian's been gone...

Good news though: the boy is back! He got back this past Monday and I was super duper excited to see him! He was gone for the entire month of June, and for about 2 weeks of the past month, we haven't had any contact (they're not allowed to take their phones into the "box" with them...I'll explain...). In all honesty, the two weeks where we didn't get to talk went by faster than when we could; this is probably because I knew once we could talk, it was only a matter of days before he got home, which made me quite antsy! Matter of fact the day he got back, he had to stay at work for another hour or so and I was about to go crazy! First off, they said they'd be back between 7-9 in the morning...so you better believe I was showered and looking cute by 7am...mind you, I was so excited I could hardly sleep the night before, so when that "7-9 AM" window turned into more like "12-1 PM", I fell asleep for almost an hour--power nap, right? I literally was completely useless that morning; I tried to clean more and failed, I tried to read, watch TV, be on the computer, and nothing would keep my attention. I'm pretty sure I wandered around my apartment for the better part of the morning...seriously, I felt like it was our first date all over again-haha! I was just ready to have him home!

According to Brian, their time at NTC went really well; his company (about 135 guys) and his platoon (about 40 guys, which he's in charge of) did really well with all of the tasks they were given. This was meant to be as close to real-life combat as possible, and he feels like they got in a lot of quality training time, which is awesome! He's glad to be back though to an actual bed and things like cold beer :) And my cooking, of course! Haha! While I'm no Paula Dean, I'll wager to bet I'm better than MRE's...

While he was gone, I filled my month up with some "projects" that needed to get accomplished before he got back, and for the most part, I got them done! My biggest one (other than applying for jobs) was to go through all of my undergrad/graduate course work, notebooks, and textbooks and decide what could stay and what could go. I had something like 4-5 good sized boxes full of school stuff that I had stuffed away for a later date, and I finally decided it was time to get tough and start tossing things.

To say I'm slightly nostalgic would be an understatement; I love to keep mementos (ticket stubs, brochures, etc.) from just about everything I do as well as about 1,487,230 pictures (most of which I have duplicates of from the time when "digital cameras" weren't invented...or rather cheap enough for a teenager...), as well as lots of other, well, things. I'm really trying to get better at paring down, and while I've improved, I still have what I call a "holding period" for certain items. If I can't throw it away immediately, it will usually stay in my little collection from anywhere from 2 months to a year before I can bid it adieu. I feel like a traitor if I throw it away too soon! Be assured that I am nowhere near being a hoarder...I think I just attached sentimental feelings to random objects...The good news is, a few friends of mine have helped me be a little more successful in scrapbooking, so I'm finding a home for many of these mementos! My definition of scrapbooking: pretty (cheap) paper, rubber cement, and a Sharpie to write down captions. Fancy, right? haha! Some of the girls I know are so good at it...I don't have the patience; I want the final product now! :)

In other realms of the past month I have been upping my running and working out with Dana. She's convinced me to do a full marathon with her (yes, we're crazy) this fall. It's called the "Marathon to Marathon"...there is a town called Marathon, TX, and basically you drive out 26.2 miles and then literally run a marathon to the town. Should be a blast! :) I'm actually looking forward to it; when is a better time to do this in my life? Even if I don't love the distance, at least I'll have done one and I will know how I feel about it, right? We've decided races are going to be our "deployment therapy", so we've already got two on the calendar (the marathon and then also the San Antonio 1/2 marathon) and I know we'll add more for the spring! We're going to make t-shirts and everything...aren't we cool? haha! And at least it'll keep us in shape so that we can be hot little mamas for the boys when they get back :) Their "prize" for all their hard work...haha!

We also spent a lot of time this past month hanging out with some awesome wives; it was really fun to get to know some of them better and it makes me excited to know that we'll have a good support system once the guys leave. It's so much easier knowing they too are eating spaghetti every night because it's too much of a hassle to make full dinners for one person...so we often have potlucks!

This 4th of July weekend we're headed out to Arizona to see our good friends Paul and Foster! We're going to go to the Grand Canyon and I AM SO EXCITED!!! I know it's going to be hotter than blazes but I honestly do not care! We'll cool off the next day because we're going to do a float trip on a river...gotta pack the 100 SPF for darling Brian, our resident lobster. Maybe I should buy him a swim shirt-he would love that.

So, look forward to an exciting post/pictures next week! Hope everyone is doing great!

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