21 June 2010

Going Greene!

This weekend, two of my very first friends at Mississippi State got married-Zach and Stacey! Stace and I have been inseparable since before we even began our freshman year here at State...which is now over 5 years ago! We're are often referred to as "Stecca", due to the fact that for the majority of our time here, we were a package deal!
It was a beautiful weekend. The rehearsal was probably the most smooth rehearsal I've ever been to...it was quiet, organized, and we got done on time-imagine that?! The rehearsal dinner was at The Grill, and we had so much fun! Much thanks to the Greenes for providing us with endless fried cheese sticks (The Grill is infamous for them!). I consumed waaaay too many calories this weekend, and sitting on this couch is not helping that fact! We spent the night at Stacey's house Friday night and woke up Saturday and lounged around, munching on City Bagel (another Starkville favorite) and watching Friends! During our two years of living together, Karen, Krystina, Stacey and I perpetually had a Friends DVD in...this might be why my little DVD player no longer works! Saturday went by without a hitch; we got Stacey beautified (as if she needed it...) and headed to the Drill Field on MSU's campus for her to see her groom! After they saw each other, the bridal party endured temps upward of 100 degrees, but we survived and I cannot wait to see the pictures! I got to ride with the photographers throughout Starkville and it was so much fun getting to know them. Their work is incredible and they are such fun people! I want to be them..... The ceremony was wonderful--Jon and Joey performed it, so it was great to be up there with them for round two! We finished the night off at the Ritz in West Point with a scrumptious dinner (delicious fried chicken, Gouda mac'n'cheese, rolls, green beans --didn't eat those, of course ;)--and homemade ice cream in lieu of wedding cake. It was so wonderful to catch up with some old Chi O friends whom I haven't seen in some time--we danced the night away and then sent Zach and Stacey packing for their honeymoon! All in all, a successful weekend! Jared, Karen, and Krystina stayed in our humble abode as well, so it was fun to have some additional house guests!

Sunday morning I got baptized at First Pres....I've been planning to do this for, um, around 6 years or so?.... but I am so thankful I was able to do it at First Pres. How I'm going to miss that church and congregation! The rest of Sunday Brian and I spent relaxing some and also packing up, complete with a trip to Lowe's. He leaves tomorrow! I cannot believe June is almost over. I am here until at least July 1-have a final that day-whoo fun! Meanwhile, we're working out moving details with our parents. We're coming from about three different places, so it's going to be interesting!
Ok enough words already-I know you want pictures! Add Image
Me and the beautiful bride!
The girls side of the wedding party.

The woman of the day!

Apt. 3208. We will forever live in infamy!

So I missed about 3 hours of pictures, mostly due to the fact that I was dancing/DJ'ing. Yep, you heard me right. A few friends and I kept the music rolling! This picture is from right before Zach and Stace left...hence the flushed cheeks and disheveled hair.

As far as Ft. Benning goes, we're still waiting to hear about housing. Hopefully we'll have an answer by Thursday!

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