18 June 2010

Visual Update

So I'm finally working from my home computer, so I can now upload some pictures! Expect a long blog next week too, since this weekend is Stacey and Zach's wedding! I just love weddings!

Brian and I "celebrated" our one month anniversary this week--crazy! Ok we're not really into month-anniversaries, but I thought this one was worth highlighting.

Here are some pictures from what we've been up to lately...more to come!

My hydrangea! Brian gave this to me last summer, and I thought I killed it because it got too much afternoon sunlight (they like morning sun, not the heat of the day!). But lo and behold, it has come back to life after pretend-dying, then surviving all winter in the boys kitchen, where I do not believe it ever got watered! Pretty resilient plant!
Brian's birthday, June 6. We celebrated with a cookout and friends, complete with homemade ice cream cake!

Brian's birthday

After playing frisbee in the backyard, we decided to channel our inner 7-year old and catch fireflies! Like good Girl and Boy Scouts, we put some grass and fruit in the bottom of the jar and poked holes in the top! We caught a ton too! Here's Lindsay with our prized possessions:

Last weekend we went to the lake...somehow I managed to not be the main photographer--Leigh has most of the pictures! This is before we went to dinner by boat.

That's it for now--more to come! We're gearing up for the move/Brian leaving next week, so it's going to get a little crazy!

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